"With over 600 killed in the space of two weeks - 25% of whom were children - morgues in Gaza are literally overflowing with Palestinians saying their final goodbyes to loved ones. Others are not so lucky - they’re still searching under the rubble (and being shot dead by snipers while doing so). Many parents are having to do the downright agonizing and wrap their toddlers in white sheets - sometimes more than one child at a time - but we’re supposed to be showing the “good stuff that Israel does."
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Courtier women in the court of Bogd Khan, 1900’s.


Courtier women in the court of Bogd Khan, 1900’s.

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hard corps - je suis passee

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The first teachers, the first leaders, the first guardians and the first revolutionaries.

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"two-spirit, Cherokee princess" Cherokees didnt have princesses, you foolish duk shanee

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Its difficult being super mixed because people will try to say my opinion is not valid because I am not “black enough”, “native enough”, “irish/latin/indian/asian/whatever enough”
But when it comes to these things best believe I will set you straight and if you are a non-indigenous person using the term Two Spirit as your identity then I dont care how trans or gay you are, you are an ignorant, cultural approriator that is disrespecting my ancestors and culture to fit the needs of your sexual orientation and non-gender conformity. Just because you are part of the LGBTQIA does not give you the right to appropriate cultures. we are not sistahs on that level okay

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"Not all First Nations who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (GLBT) identify as two-spirited or two-spirit people, but for those who do, two-spirit is not just another word for GLBT. It is a new term that has been chosen to reflect traditional First Nations gender diversity, which includes the fluid nature of sexual and gender identity and its interconnectedness with spirituality and traditional world views. For some two-spirited people the term represents their distinct experiences and culture as First Nations, the loss of respected traditions through the impacts of colonization and the unique way that culture and gender are tied together"

"Suicide Prevention and Two-Spirited People" - National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

Read the rest here.

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"The point of using the term two-spirited was to emphasize our difference in our experiences of multiple, interlocking oppressions as queer Aboriginal people. When non-Aboriginal people decide to “take up” the term two-spirit, it detracts from its original meaning, and defuses its power as a label of resistance for Aboriginal people. Already there is so much of First Nations culture that has been exploited and appropriated in this country, and now even our terms of resistance are targeted for mainstream appropriation and consumption…Two-spirited is a reclaimed term designed by Aboriginals to define our unique cultural context, histories, and legacy. When people do not see the harm in “sharing” the term, they are missing the point. And refusing to recognize that appropriating the term will inevitably alter its cultural context."

- Michelle Cameron, “Two-Spirited Aboriginal People: Continuing Cultural Appropriation by Non-Aboriginal Society”.

This is a damned good article. Read the rest here

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A wake up call to all the ahistorical drones defending Israel, touting the myth that it just wanted peace in 1948 but all the evil Arabs invaded:

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began before the 1948 war.

There are three especially important massacres that the Zionist gangs carried out against Palestinians in that period. These massacres were not a coincidence, they were not a “reality of war”, they were calculated and designed to instill terror in the Palestinian population, and as a result, drive as many to flee their lands as possible:

The Deir Yassin Massacre, in which over 107 unarmed civilians were murdered with cold blood, happened in April 1948.

The Tantura Massacre, in the north, after the fall of Haifa. It resulted in over 240 Palestinian deaths. When did this happen? April 1948.

The Arab-Israeli war began in May 1948.

These massacres happened before the war even started. They were in fact one of the main reasons for the intervention of the Arab armies in the first place.

The third massacre, is the Al-Dawayima Massacre, in the middle regions of Palestine. It resulted in over 450 Palestinian deaths. 280 men, and the rest women and children. This happened in October the same year.

Notice that these areas were chosen specifically in every populated region, so that the news travels as fast as possible to every Palestinian.


The Zionists would let a few children “escape” to tell everyone about the massacres. There is evidence of rape and mutilation of corpses. These three massacres created so much terror, that many Palestinians abandoned their lands and hoped to seek refuge in territories under Arab control.

Those who did not move, were of course, removed by force eventually.

This is the birth of the state of Israel. And no amount of Green energy initiatives and Gay Pride parades can cover up the blood seeping from its very roots.

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